Gary Thompson is a painter of fine art pastel portraits working in Cornwall. The paintings are done in the traditional way but now mainly working from photographs.
My passion is twofold, creating great likenesses of course, but I also enjoy exploring the character and personality of my subject. The result is a work of art that will be treasured and cherished for a very long time, it is a legacy.

I have developed a style that strikes the right balance between creating a great work of art and getting the close likeness, that in the real world, most people want. As Samuel Johnson put it, ‘I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.’

If you have a photograph that means a lot to you send it to me and I will create your work of art. The photograph can be colour or black and white, recently taken or one taken many years ago. I have even worked from Victorian photographs. The only thing that is important is that the facial details are there. The more facial details on the photograph the better the portrait will be. The photograph doesn’t have to be formal, I can even work from action shots if the face is clearly defined.

Perhaps you are planning to take photographs in the near future, whether it’s a wedding, or anniversary, first day at school or last day of work, if you can get a good photograph of the face or faces I will be able to create a portrait that will have pride of place in your home for many many years.

I also do sketches in pastel pencil and also graphite which are very popular. For the pastel pencil sketches I prefer to use a dark sanguine colour which I find ideal for bringing out the character in the human face.

I enjoy painting all subjects, male and female young and old. You may have looked at other artists whose portraits all look very similar. Mine are not. Each one of mine is a new beginning, like the exploration of a new land, a ‘terra incognita’.

Please look at my online galleries and see the range of subjects I have painted. I have set up different galleries for each of the areas in which I work, Full Colour Pastel Gallery, Tonal Paintings Gallery, Sanguine Portrait Gallery and Pencil Sketch Gallery.