Sarah Fraser, whose constructed glass sculpture and handmade cards have recently been exhibited in New York and Michigan, graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 1994, having studied stained glass in her final year.

Glass Sculpture
For her constructed glass sculpture, as with her handmade cards, Sarah Fraser draws inspiration from the unique Cornish landscape. In the finished product are elemental ideas – wave forms, the strength and smoothness of rocks and, in razor-sharp shards of glass, danger.

Hand Made Cards
Sarah’s latest series of greeting cards – hand-painted watercolour images – includes boat scenes for all year use, and a selection of Christmas Cards. Click here to see Sarah’s hand-painted cards.
For Sarah Fraser’s popular hand made cards, it is not just inspiration but also raw material – flowers and leaves for example – that are taken from the Cornish landscape. Every card Sarah makes is unique. Using a range of handmade papers from around the world, she build up layers to create an elegant design.
The colours are often diffused with silk threaded tissue, some embedded with tiny fragments of gold and silver leaf. Nostalgic glimpses of old handwritten postcards, stamps and sheet music, coupled with pressed flowers or delicately embossed metals make each card an individual work of art.

Glass is always the main element in Sarah Fraser’s jewelry. She is drawn to the brilliance and beauty of stained glass, which she uses with delicately enamelled floral imagery. Fine silver wires curved into spirals are a direct influence of living and walking by the sea. Recently Sarah has extended the range to incorporate actual pressed flowers and fine