In my images I seem to combine my love for painting and for printmaking.

My work is compiled, I build layer after layer, sometimes taking areas back to where I started, reworking or allowing the beginnings to be exposed. Layers are often thin and my tools are basic. Some papers and canvas may go through the press, some are hand pressed, all are painted and repainted.

My work is often completed in a series, usually three or four images evolve at once. The images are often a response to a moment in time, a scene. I look, observe, visually recording in my mind but more importantly storing the feeling I am experiencing from within. It is this combination of vision and feeling that I respond to in the studio. The vision may not be recalled for months or even years but when it does the work is spontaneous, taking me and the media back to the moment.

When I sell my work I do not expect anyone else to share the feeling I have experienced but I would like them to just enjoy the outcome. However I do challenge anyone to look at the sea, the sand, the sky and the land, to close your eyes and take in a large, deep breath and then open your eyes and observe, observe not only the scene but the feeling.

Collectors of my work are wide and varied. People buy direct from galleries, commission work for specific spaces or commission work that responds to a certain place from within Cornwall. I also produce work for corporate venues and have created imagery for hotels, spas and businesses. I have been told that my vibrant modern style can transform an environment.

My studio is open by appointment and at various open days across the year. Do not hesitate to email me with any enquiries.

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