An artist to inspire artists, Steve Slimm’s visionary work over the past 40 years has gained him the reputation, in Cornwall and the UK, of a master of expressionist landscape painting. Since 2009 his work has been featured in national UK art foundation syllabuses for its quality of light. With a particular genius for inspiring artists toward greater freedom of expression, Steve is regularly invited to share his innovative skills with Cornish amateur art groups. For inspiration he predominantly takes the evocative Cornish landscape and coastline. His atmospheric pieces, often bordering on the mystical, have been collected and treasured by art collectors for almost four decades. Steve is also a musician, poet, writer and mentor. He currently lives with his partner in the idyllic Cornish hamlet of Colenso Cross. He says of his creativity:

When I begin to create something new, I rarely have much idea what I’m actually doing. I suppose what’s gone before informs the handwriting, therefore dictates style to some extent. As with my free-form improvising in music and writing, my painting develops organically – and can often change dramatically before the final piece emerges. It’s a subliminal process for me and, I like to think, allows place for the sublime mystery to come through. So it can surprise and enthral me as often as it does someone else.

His work can be seen in a number of reputable Cornish galleries, as well as elsewhere in the UK. A Google search for ‘Artist Steve Slimm’ will bring up both his own and other gallery websites. In the video below you can hear Steve talking about what inspires him to paint.