Greetings contemporary art fans, and welcome to the contemporary art world of (relatively) new (to us, anyway) and terribly exciting landscape artist, Alan Furneaux. A thoroughly modern artist who’s so good at what he does, a percentage of his unique designs have lent themselves to greetings card covers recently.

So who is Alan Furneaux, who henceforth will purely be referred to as, ‘Furneaux?’ Well, according to his Facebook profile, exciting (our word, not his)contemporary artist, Alan Furneaux likes to create ‘simple naive style paintings that hold your interest’, and to be perfectly honest we couldn’t have put it more succinct ourselves.

A popular artist whose latest works have been inspired by the shapes, colours and general visual ambience of Morocco, again courtesy of his Facebook page (other social networks are available from all leading retailers). Altea seems to have been his main influence in terms of sights, sounds and smells whilst in Morocco we note as we dig a little deeper.