Amy Winfield, who is also known by her artist’s name Mimi, has a growing reputation for her art and photographic work throughout Cornwall. Here’s a small bio about her:

When I was younger I was always painting and drawing, like any normal kid.

At an early age I was taught a few drawing techniques and continued learning as I went along. I have learnt that there are other elements that are needed in all of my work, rather than just the black and white lines. This understanding has made my work on my final artwork a lot easier.

I got my first camera when I was about 8 and then I got my first 35mm camera for my 15th. I later incorporated art and photography into my schoolwork whenever I could and then it followed on with work experience. With only one thing in mind I determinedly joined a photography course at a local college, with success.

I felt that art and photography was something important to me to do and that ‘buzz’ hasn’t disappeared yet.

I use my local surroundings in Cornwall for inspiration and incorporate an individual atmosphere/character into all of my work.

“Since 2005 I have been showing my paintings and photographs at local craft fairs and exhibitions whenever I could get the opportunity. I even had some of my work featured in a local gallery in Cornwall. I hope to continue showing my work whenever I can.

I am also currently accepting commissions in many styles and mediums for personal and business purposes, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any enquiries.

But the most satisfying part is to see people enjoying the end results.