Beth Berriman was born in 1920 in Camborne and has been living and working as an artist in Cornwall ever since. Her passion for tracing the delineations of the landscape, as well as the human form, in all its vitality and delicacy, has meant that her work contains a poignant history of both Cornwall and its inhabitants. Having attended Redruth Art School before the outbreak of WW2, Beth studied life-drawing and plein air painting, but has not limited her work to any particular modality or medium. Thus Beth’s oeuvre consists of watercolour and oil paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, as well as monographic prints.

Beth has exhibited her work at galleries in both Cornwall and London but it wasn’t until 1997 that she had her first solo exhibition, entitled A Celebration of Life at The Rooster and Rat Gallery in Penzance. Beth continues to work as an artist and in her attempt to convey the rhythm, movement and stillness of nature, she carries on producing works of both local and universal relevancy.

The work displayed on this website contains a small cross-section of Beth’s many and varied collections of paintings and drawings. Subjects of pictures displayed here include Life in Watercolour, Life in Charcoal and Pencil, Monoprints, Landscapes and Still Life.

Works exhibited on this website are available for purchase and enquires as to their sale should be directed to Beth Berriman and must include the pictures’ number, title and medium. Measurements of the works are given in centimetres and are only approximate. All works are mounted but unframed, unless otherwise specified.