All the proceeds from my paintings and other art work are donated to charity i.e. Childline. Street Children of Brazil.

I was born in the West Country (but currently living in The Vale of Glamorgan) and brought up amongst the rolling countryside and woodlands of Somerset which instilled in me a deep rooted love of all things in nature.

Have never had any formal training but discovered nearly 30 years ago I had a natural gift, so began to put it into practice and was amazed at what I could do. My inspiration is drawn from the beauty and wonder of this world and my passion and style have developed over the years. Although I am known for my landscapes I also paint flowers and over the last few years I have branched out into modern art, which proved to be quite a challenge.

I have paintings around the world, from Florida and Jamaica to across Europe and have been commissioned to do art work for a magazine. Also I teach, giving private lessons to no more than two people at a time, so they each get individual attention, and I make hand-crafted greeting cards.

My paintings are in oils and acrylics on block canvas or card, also pen and ink on card and all pictures come unframed unless otherwise agreed. Larger sizes than quoted can also be done. Commissions are accepted and am able to paint from photographs.