Artwork by David Hosking

David Hosking was born in Cornwall in 1943. Inspired by his art teacher at Helston grammar school, David studied briefly at Falmouth School of Art and then at the West Midlands College where he was awarded a Distinction for his Art. After 30 years of teaching David retired from teaching in 1995 to devote his time to painting.

It was not until the early nineties that David began to exhibit his work regularly. Subsequently his work has attracted a wide international following. Hosking paintings can now be found in collections throughout the world. And those first published as prints in Britain and America are now sold throughout the world.

David’s sources of inspiration are many and varied. He explains, “sometimes it is a scene that is visually exciting or evocative, sometimes the “atmosphere” of a moment , sometimes a conversation. A small detail like a combination of colours, or a surface texture . At the moment of experiencing these things, I see images, potential paintings or drawings in my brain. ”

“Sometimes I make a small drawing at that moment. The inspiration of the moment is stored and kept waiting for when I will develop it and let it grow into a new painting. Often then, more paintings develop from that first work. It is as if the original inspiration is a seed which grows and grows, sometimes on one tall stalk, but often with many branches.”