Flower Faeries Bella

Lovingly hand-made, wool fairies, angels and mermaids created in the Waldorf style; leaving their mood and facial expression to your own imagination.

About the Craft

They are all individually hand decorated using a vast selection of materials and they all hang on a clear thread which allows them to appear to float effortlessly through the air!  They make beautiful home decorations for all year round. We try to source local wools where possible and use both sheep and goat wool. It is important to us that all the wools sourced are from farms that treat their animals with care and respect.

A beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to add some magic and sparkle to their own or someone else’s home and life.

Particularly beautiful for decorating the home, hanging on the Christmas tree, gracing a window, watching over a baby, giving as a birthday gift, wedding/anniversary present, house warming, child’s bedroom and much much more. Visit the website.

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