Jennifer Ridgeley was born and educated in the borough of Richmond on Thames. Moving to Hertfordshire in her twenties, she gained her teaching degree there in the late 1960’s, taking Art as her main subject. Her work at that time was much influenced by Morris Louis (1912-62.) and his “veils”.

Colour, Movement and Emotion
After giving up teaching in the mid 1990’s, Jennifer has once again returned to painting. Working mainly in oils and using rubber shapers as well as brush and palette knife, her work has many sources of inspiration, and subtle differences in style. There is in all her work a powerful influence of colour, movement and emotion.

Abstract Art
Her abstract work has been greatly influenced by the images of space seen through the Hubble Space Telescope, by views of Earth seen from planes while travelling the world and by observations of colour and form in the natural world.

Seascapes & Landscapes
The wonderful clarity of light found in Cornwall, where Jennifer now lives, the immense empty expanses of moorland and the ever changing moods of the sea as it flows and ebbs along the beaches and into the coves and estuaries, hold a tireless fascination for her and are an infinite source of inspiration for her seascape and landscape paintings.
Born in 1943, Jennifer married Albert Ridgeley in 1962. They have two sons, Andrew and Paul. In the 1980’s Andrew and George Michael formed the famous pop-group “Wham!” and went on to be a world wide sensation.