Jessica Cudlip (Lee) – Cornish artist
Jessica Cudlip is a contemporary artist who works from her studio in the south west of Cornwall. Jessica’s own exploration of media, coupled with the study of Art and Photography at Truro College has allowed her to develop a unique approach to landscape depiction. In more recent times Jess has been exploring the use of textiles and torso/ pregnancy bump casting as an add-on to her more environment-inspired work. Jess accepts bump casting commissions.

She creates a visual impact using reflection, light, movement and vibrant colour, which, tied together, gives Jessica’s work a sense of fluidity and movement. A link can often be drawn between her paintings and the Cornish scenery; many of her pieces inspired by the incredible sunsets and unpredictable weather.

In contrast to her abstract work, in recent times she has begun to explore more figuratively, focusing on emotions and the female form. These pieces are often centred around body casting, using plaster of Paris on willing participants, exploring the curvaceous outlines of the upper torso. The final pieces are often enhanced with the use of feminine colours and adorned.

By studying the woman’s body in this way, Jessica hopes to portray the parts of her participants that are felt to be negative and often ‘ugly’ in a positive and beautiful manner. A wide variety of materials can be found in her art; acrylic paint, varnish, fabric paint for detail and often glitter.

With increasing interest, Jessica hopes to further her career by holding an exhibition in the near future. Jessica is relatively new to the art world but is sure to be successful with the charm and originality of her pieces. Commissions are available but there is a large body of work available on her Facebook page.