Matthew Buchan is a local artist living and working in Grampound. Fangorn Studio is an old summerhouse converted for use as the artist’s workspace, nestled amongst the many trees and vegetable patches in the grounds of the home he shares with his muse, Victoria, two family members, one crazy cat and five chickens.

Matthew’s paintings are mostly semi-abstract seascapes and abstract pieces in acrylics. The work he creates is primarily based on feelings and emotions drawn from his own visual experiences of the Cornish coastline and the ever-changing colour of natural light. Matthew tends to focus on using colours that evoke sunrises and sunsets, and the various effects the light can have on its surroundings. The artist’s intent with each of his paintings is to try to capture some of the emotion of how it feels to watch the sun rise from the shore of a beach, or to see the light glitter on the breaking waves as the day slips below the horizon.

Like many other artists in this area, Matthew draws much of his inspiration from the natural beauty prevalent around the coasts and shores of the county. Rather than recreating these images precisely, he prefers to transpose onto canvas the impressions that the experience of viewing these scenes imprint on his imagination and creativity, which he in turn hopes to impart to others who view his work.