Durdle Door – Suzanne Phillips

Heidi – Suzanne Phillips

Izzy – Suzanne Phillips

Josie – Suzanne Phillips

Oh Please – Suzanne Phillips

Pen and Wash Example – Suzanne Phillips

Who Do You See – Suzanne Phillips

Suzanne Phillips born to an Irish family in London in 1970 was an artist from the word go, hearing many words of encouragment as she grew from her grandmother who always found time in a busy day to sit and listen to the stories unfold behind every drawing, painting or sculpture put on her lap. At a young age Suzanne understood that not all expression comes verbally, her uncle Christy Brown was a disabled artist, poet and author. He often expressed himself through art forms as speech was not brilliant, having done so his entire life.

As this young artist grew she started selling her work on the railings of Hyde Park, London at the age of only 14 years from her back pack. It all sold every time, this was a big deal to a young sole trying hard with school and a part-time job in a library.

Working in the nursing profession and raising three sons did not leave much time for art, it was all too often put on the back burner whilst life cooked.

Suzanne studied advanced counselling and pyschotherapy in London as her children grew, showing her art in Pitshanger Manor Gallery and in local shows around London. Selling art throughout the UK and across the globe.

Becoming very unwell in 2008, Suzanne decided to make the move to Cornwall, recover and start a new life.

In 2009 Suzanne and her sons moved to St Ives, drawing and painting continued as she recovered from her battle with her tumour. She found love, married and dedicated herself to art on a full time basis.

Surgery to remove the tumour left Suzanne completely blind in her left eye, but hearing her grandmother Lillys’ words from her past she carried on drawing childrens portraits and painting pet portraits. Fundraising for hospices and local animal charities by donating art or vouchers for private commissions is a huge part of this ladies life.

Suzanne works happily in her studio painting mostly animals, private pet portrait commissions and landscapes using many styles, ranging from realism through to pop art. Hand carving and hand printing fabrics along the way.