Trudy Ruane – Contemporary Artist.

Originally a Fine Art graduate from St Martins school of Art, London and more recently studying for an MA in Art History at University College Falmouth, Trudy’s work as an artist has been complemented with that of Interior Design, having worked primarily as a designer for twenty years. Now living in Cornwall as a working artist she draws her inspiration from the year round beauty of her home county………………

“Weaving a fusion of materials onto the canvas I want my paintings to relay the often forgotten textures and colours which lay beneath the obvious scenery. A wild and blustery day on the beach highlights colours normally overlooked. Wind battered hedgerows and rain drenched footpaths often harbour forms invisible to the casual passer by.”

As a result of gathering beach debris, naturally decaying materials from the countryside and rubbish tips, recycling items others discard, Trudy unites together colour and texture into a new abstract beauty. Capturing the essence of what makes Cornwall such a unique and beautiful place to live.

“My works, often with sculptural elements, portray my vision of the natural forms, textures and colour I have been fortunate enough to observe throughout my life. Passionate about art from an early age and in particular the vitality and vibrancy of artists such as Rauschenberg, Rothko, Pollock and Gerhard Richter, I want my paintings to evoke in the viewer a memory, a feeling, a day, a time……………………. A MOMENT.