I am a so called ‘self-taught’ artist and tend to paint according to my mood. My paintings consist mainly of ‘little people’ having a good time. I had, as a child, many a day out with my parents and in a lot of my paintings I try and reflect the good times I had. Walks by the river, fun in the snow, days on the beach etc.

I love to ‘people watch’ and find them fascinating. I try and make my paintings happy and fun filled and loved to use bright vibrant colours to reflect the fun and excitement of the children at play.

My ‘little people’ painting have become popular and I try and encourage my buyers to spin stories around the characters in the paintings, giving them names etc. for their children. Just watch their faces!
Because I love to be out in the snow, I love to paint the snow and try and capture all the colour schemes a cold winter’s day can give.

I can work in any medium and use any styles from pen and ink to floral illustrations. I sell mainly from the internet and also my local gallery and I have also started to branch out into the greeting card industry. I have had work published by Phoenix Trading Greeting Card Company and WH Smiths.